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~Gourmet Cakes or Cupcakes~

Any of the flavors listed below can be ordered as a gourmet cake or cupcake. 

Double layer 8" cake $35.00  Double layer 10" $45.00

One Dozen Regular Cupcakes $24.00 (minimum order of one dozen, up to 4 flavors)

One Dozen Mini Cupcakes $12.00 (minimum order of one dozen, up to 4 flavors)

Turtle                          Delicious chocolate cake filled with caramel and salted pecans,                                      frosted with chocolate Italian Buttercream, drizzled with hot                                           fudge and caramel, then sprinkled with salty toasted pecans

Salted Carmel            Buttery yellow cake filled with our rich caramel filling, then                                              topped with Italian Caramel Buttercream, drizzled with caramel                                      and sprinkled with sea salt

Cherries Jubilee         Scrumptious white cake filled with brandied cherries frosted                                            with Italian Vanilla Buttercream and topped with a brandied                                            cherry

Mint Chocolate Chip   Delicious chocolate cake with mint chocolate chips frosted with                                       Creme de Menthe Italian Buttercream drizzled with chocolate                                         fudge and topped with an Andes mint

Strawberry Cream      Delightful strawberry cake filled with fresh strawberries and                                            cream then frosted with our signature Strawberry Italian                                                  Buttercream and topped with a fresh strawberry garnish

Ta'Kill Ya Lime        Delightfully refreshing lime cake soaked with Tequila, frosted                                          with Italian Buttercream and topped with candied lime peel

Buckeye                 Decadent chocolate cake filled with peanut butter creme and                                          iced with peanut butter Italian Buttercream, then drizzled                                                with fudge and adorned with a buckeye

Lemon Blue            Refreshing lemon cake filled with fresh blueberry reduction                                            frosted with lemon infused Italian Buttercream and topped with a                                    candied blueberry

Pumpkin                 Spicy pumpkin cake frosted with cinnamon cream cheese                                              frosting and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Caramel Apple           Buttery yellow cake filled with a caramel apple reduction frosted                                              with a caramel Italian Buttercream then drizzled with caramel                                                  and sprinkled with salted peanuts.

German Chocolate     German chocolate cake filled with coconut pecan custard                                                        frosted with chocolate fudge icing and sprinkled with toasted                                                    coconut.

Black Forest             Decadent Brandy infused chocolate cake filled with a sweet dark                                    cherry reduction frosted with a light fluffy Italian Buttercream and                                    topped with milk chocolate curls.

Lane                         Luscious  yellow cake filled with a pecan, coconut, raisin and                                          candied cherry custard and frosted with Italian Buttercream.

Hummingbird            Delicious cake with pineapple and pecans filled with banana 

                                 cream frosted with cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with 

                                  toasted pecans

*Other flavors available upon request